Friday, September 23, 2011

Bountiful Tomatoes….

Is there anything more beautiful?


I hope you enjoy the taste of homegrown tomatoes if nothing else!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Free National Park Days


If you are near a National Park there are some free days coming up.

You can go here and get the information on the free days this Saturday, September 24th as well as Veterans Day Weekend, November 11th-13th.

If you want to check a park in your area, you can go here to see the parks listed by state.

So get out and enjoy a National Treasure for FREE!

If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity and love the great outdoors, September 24th also happens to be National Public Lands Day.  You can go here and click on your state and find more information on coordinated events near you.

Owl S’mores

I am inspired as Fall begins to make an entrance.

Not that summer isn’t wonderful, I just realize that I am outside and gone during summer.  Now that Fall is returning, I am excited to bake, craft, decorate, and make the house all homey (is that a word?).

Last year you might remember my Acorn Treats post.  I love to make little fun things to celebrate a season and have fun with my little guy. 

This year is a little more fun since we are having our 2nd birthday.  So…..

When I saw Owl S'mores at LivingLocurto, I was ready to make these super cute and fun treats.

Owl Smore

Cute, don’t you think?

So easy, here are the steps.

1) Melt 1 or 2 yellow candy melts in a small dish.

2)Cut marshmallow in half  butterfly style leaving small portion attached.

3) Place marshmallow cut side down towards top of graham cracker.

4) Place a yellow candy melt (found in craft store baking sections) on each side of marshmallow.

5) Place in microwave for 5-7 seconds to heat marshmallow.

6) Remove from microwave

7) Take 2 chocolate chips and dip bottoms in melted candy melt (to act as glue).

8) Place candy corn beneath center of marshmallows and chocolate chips in center of each candy melt pressing gently.

Easy peasy, voila!  Enjoy. 

Owl Collage

I’m off to make a parliament.  Did you know that is what a group of adult owls are called?  Me either, till now Smile


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