Wednesday, November 24, 2010

There is a New Etsy Store!!!!

Well I didn’t fall of the face of blogging land, I have been a busy girl. The fall is always a busy time of year for our family.

I will save the pictures for now, but we are a hunting family. We hunt big game, and yes that means me too. I have been decked out in camouflage 14 out of 16 weekends. To be more accurate, I was the only family member to bring home the bacon…oh I mean meat this year. So exciting! I was able to get my first deer and if I do say so myself, he is a dandy buck!

The freezer is full!!!!

Last year I was challenged with hunting 7 and 8 months pregnant (I did it!) and this year we had another challenge of hunting with a 1 year old. Little guy was perfect and loved camping, being in the woods, and seeing the animals. I may post more on this later, but for now I want to get on to my other exciting news.

I now have an Etsy store and am so hopeful for the possibilities that it brings. I love selling on Craigslist, Ebay, and shopping thrift stores, but I really wanted something else to do also this winter.

I love being a stay-at-home-mom and also love making things. When I made the change to stay at home full-time, I wanted to be purposeful in living the life that I love. What more can you ask for than to do what you love everyday!

So welcome to my Etsy Store, The Better Life Pieces


I have really focused on the coming Holiday Season and am excited to now start listing items for other occasions too. So please take a look and let me know what you think. I value your comments!

Joy1 MerryChristmas1

NaughtyNice2 HolidayGreetings2 SnowFlake1 LifeBlessings1

If you decide you see something you can’t live without, I would be so excited. I need to start building my customers ,so the first person to order a set of tags will receive a FREE set of tags of their choosing.

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