Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Train Table

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We have officially entered our train phase! 

We contemplated a train table this past Christmas, but didn’t think we were ready yet.  My how things change quickly with a little one growing.  We suddenly are ready and run around the house singing “Chuggington…..” and yelling “Ride the Rails.”

I found a blog after wasting some time on Pinterest that I really liked.  Lindsay at Country Girl Home.

First, I found her entry and loved it knowing it was exactly what I wanted (more to come on that later).  As I began to wander around her blog I found the cutest train table that she built her little ones. 

So I am not proud or always innovative, just crafty!  Why fight something that you already like, right?

Here is our version.

Train Table before

We built the frame very similar.

Our wood buy list:

2 – 2x4 8 ft. long (doubled up and used for legs, because cheaper than 4x4)

2 – 1x4 6 ft. long (for frame)

1 – 2ft. x 4ft. 1/4 inch smooth finished plywood

Train Table2

The table was built by screwing 2 2x4’s together at the top and the bottom as shown in the pictures above.  I then turned the screws to the inside of the table and screwed each side of the frame to the legs with two screws just as the arrow shows in the picture above.  I made sure to drop the top of the legs 1.5 inches inside the frame to allow for a lip on the table when completed.

Then I took a pencil sketched some flowing  lines to paint a road, lake, river, and hills.

Acrylic paint from Michael’s and a foam brushes made this so much easier than it was in my mind.  I sealed the top with a satin varnish in the same acrylic paint line.  I am so glad that I did this to withstand the wear of trains and cars as well as making the table top wipeable!

Then to place the top on the table frame, it was simply set inside the frame with Liquid Nails placed on the top of the legs to hold it all together.

Train Table overhead

I have been shocked how much attention this little table gets and how much fun it gives!

Train Table after

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