Thursday, May 6, 2010

Best of eBay Week 2

Well another week and some great sells.

Can I just say, that with 20 items sold the first week, the shipping went really well! It is so easy to print postage on line and use the FREE postal service packaging supplies. Then you can have the mailman pick them up at my door or just walk in the post office and drop them off. Wow, so EASY!

Here is the “Best of this weeks” highlights.


Chico’s XL Size 3 pants have done well both weeks for me. There are some ladies out there that just love them. These khaki capris were:

Purchased for $4.99

Sold for $19.81


Talbots Tropical Sleeveless dress Size 4

Purchased for $4.99

Sold for $16.75


J. Jill sleeveless linen dress Size XL

Purchased for $4.99

Sold for $8.99


Tommy Hilfiger denim shorts Size 16W

Purchased for $3.99

Sold for $9.49


Marsh Landing Khaki Overall dress Size XL

Purchased for $2.50

Sold for $5.99

I know that it doesn’t always sound like much, but you list many items. Your profit covers your costs. If something doesn’t sale, you relist. So these are some of my highlights and what might seem like a little on these few items adds up to $60.00+ It is so much fun hunting down bargains and then seeing how many people are watching an item. You can almost always tell when the bidding is going to become hurried on an item. You know what I am talking about. People are trying to snipe things at the last minute to be the highest bidder. Then at the end of the day, you see your profit for doing something fun, relaxing, and useful for the environment. Oh, I forgot at the end of the day you have to prepare some packages. I better get packing! Can’t wait to see what next week brings.

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