Thursday, July 29, 2010

Garage Sale 2010

It has to happen every year or two. You got it, turning my trash into cash and the leftovers into tax write offs!

I usually have a spot where I put things that I no longer need or want and then a cleaning out of the clothes lets me know if a garage sale is needed that year. This year was a YES! I wasn’t sure at first, then we decided to include a clean out of the garage and some of our camping things that we no longer need now that we have a camper.

Well, it became clear that this might be the biggest garage sale we have ever had.

The hubby, Mr. Greenthumb, got up early and helped set everything up before heading off to work and leaving me and the little one to run the show.

photo 3

First let me tell you that I am sure I might receive favorable and not so favorable comments or thoughts about my tables, but I have done this for years and it works for us. I would love to have tables and probably could even find them for a great price used, but storing them is the issue. Space would be needed that I don’t want to part with at this time. So the thrifty person that I am calls for a creative solution. Saw horses and sheets of wood from the HD. Yes, we go buy 3 sheets of wood and then return them. Cost of my tables $0 and no storage issues. Check them out!

Garage Sale 5 Garage Sale 4

Garage Sale1

Well it was a great day, meeting some neighbors that have invited me to their sales coming up and spending time out of the usual routine with the little one at his first garage sale.

photo 4

Oh, I almost forgot $300 and less trash!

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