Friday, November 4, 2011

Breakfast Burritos

So there are times during the year when I look like this.

Hunting Me

And this coming week is one of those times.

{as a matter of fact, I am leaving as soon as I finish this}

Yes, I love hunting.

So we are in the woods during archery and rifle season.  Since little guy came along we go both seasons so that we can trade off hunting with little guy duty.  This year rifle season again is my turn to hunt and little guy gets to hang out with daddy.  Oh…of course we all go and camp, little guy is just still too small to actually be still or quiet. 

So to make our week a little more relaxing, I usually cook some things ahead.

Breakfast burritos are something that is easy, handy, warm, portable, and so yummy.

I have received many compliments before and they are so easy….

So here is a tutorial that is so simple

{with lots of pictures}

I have not given measurements or amounts as this is super easy to adjust to the amount you prefer.

Fry some potatoes

{I peel, microwave or bake them ahead, and then cube}

Burrito potatoes

Brown and drain sausage

(or any breakfast meat that you prefer)

{any kind works, I am using antelope sausage}

Burrito Sausage

Scramble eggs

Burrito eggs

Combine potatoes, sausage, and eggs with shredded cheddar cheese

Burrito Cheese

Then my secret sauce….

Burrito Green Chile

{yes, it is that easy.  I hope to learn to make green chile in the future, but for now this works}

Add sauce

Burrito All


Burrito mixed

It is good enough to eat this way, but….

Have you ever had fresh tortillas?

Burrito tortilla

I will never buy tortillas in the grocery store again.

Gather your tortillas, foil, pan, and mixture.

Burrito Assembly

Place some of your mixture on a tortilla.


Roll the center of the tortilla over the mixture and fold both sides in before rolling.

Burrito rolled

Fill you pan, warm in the oven and enjoy.

Burrito pile

We will certainly love taking these out and eating while we are camping in the colder weather.

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