Monday, September 20, 2010

2010 Garden – Part II

Well our patience and daily care of the garden is paying off. As fall approaches, the garden is giving so much to enjoy in the coming months.


Let’s take a close look….


These Big Jim peppers are a favorite on the barbeque. We de-vein and seed them, stuff them with cream cheese, and wrap them in bacon. Yummy!


Our beans bloomed twice and although we didn’t plant many, we had enough to eat them a few times.

DSC04370 DSC04371

The sweetest little strawberries that seldom make it into to the house :)


Broccoli…Hum? This was our first year and although they started well, they then quickly bloomed flowers. My MIL says that they need cooler weather than we had. It was fun, buy might not work for us.


On the other hand….Spaghetti squash is abundant and going crazy in the last week. There is definitely going to be enough to share.

Zucchini Bread

So much zucchini that we are eating it grilled, raw, and making bread for the winter.


Occasionally one hides until it is the size of our little one!


We also have a lot of tomatoes. I don’t can, so there are almost more than we can eat.

Mr. B&P is so proud of this 6 foot tall tomato plant.


The red bell peppers are a first this year also and starting to turn color.


As an afterthought for the little one, we decided to put one little pumpkin plant in and we are getting pumpkins. Oh so pretty!

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