Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall Sprucing – Part I

Okay so I am absolutely crazy about fall and all the beautiful colors. Rustic reds, pumpkin orange, golden yellows! Living here in Colorado always requires a fall drive in the mountains to see the colors begin to burst from the hillsides.

FSE068 NLA051

These are B-E-A-utiful stock pictures!

My trip and pictures are coming soon! We have had warm weather and the leaves were green a little longer this year :)

Recently I updated our mantel for fall and began to look at other spaces where I could spread some of the fall loveliness that I am crazy about.

I have a love for roosters! I know hold the horses…I had a country phase in the past that I have been moving from. Well, let’s just say that I am updating it. You know what I mean! There are not any checkered curtains, but there are some items that I still love. Like roosters!

I found this great metal rooster at Goodwill for $5 and couldn’t wait to 1/2 price day as I knew it would be gone. When I first met her she was country red! Then I was in awe of all the heirloom white out in blog land that I decided to give it a try.


She sat inside like this for a while and then I decided that it wasn’t working!

So fall had me thinking that I needed to dress her up and give the proper greatness that I knew she had in her. So my all time favorite ORB (oil-rubbed bronze) paint would do the trick.


Here she is being transformed.

I thought that she would need a friend in her new home though and found this large and substantial candle stick at the thrift store also.


I know I am horrible at before pictures (promise, I will get better). But mid painting I remembered and here you can see how wonderful ORB is as this is transformed with a base coat of black and then finished with ORB.

DSC04817 DSC04819

A little bow and the perfect little pumpkin and my new little friends are a perfect fit for there new home atop the entertainment center.

Hope you enjoyed and if you viewed this, I would LOVE a comment! I read them all!

I know sounds a little sad since I don’t really have any followers or many comments yet, but I know I will soon as I begin partying and following others!!!

Fingers crossed :)


  1. Oh, just looking at your pictures makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside- I LOVE FALL! Nice color choice with the rooster- I'm from the country as well so I can appreciate your love for all things southern. Thanks for the comment you left- And I my dear, am proud to be your 3rd follower!! I look forward to reading more things from you =)


  2. Oh yes, ORB was a great choice. When I bought my first can of ORB, I wandered around the house thinking, "What else can I paint??" :)


I love me some comments and appreciate your time in kindness in giving them :)

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