Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thrifting for Treasures – The Highs and Lows :(

I have always envied those bloggers that have thrift stores with a dollar day. In my neck of the woods, Goodwill have 50% of a certain color tag that changes every Thursday and an occasional weekend sale with 50% off everything and $0.99 denim. ARC has 50% off a certain color tag and a Saturday sale with 50% off all but the current week tag. There is still a profit to be made in re-sales on Ebay, but you just have to sell more items!

One day a few months ago I had a lady shopping in Goodwill verbalize her disappointment that they don’t have a dollar day like the Salvation Army does. I was quick to check with the Salvation Army and yes they confirmed that they have $1 clothing on Wednesday. I was excited and surprised that although it is certain color tags, it generally is everything that is not current week. Clearly this place is not picked over until Wednesday!!!


I can see my profits on Ebay going up already $$$$ :)

Here is some of the items that I found.


These Prana Size M (yoga wear) pants were $1 and sold for $8.00


J. Jill 100% Tencel Size M pants were $1 and sold for $6.99


Abercrombie & Fitch Navy Cargo Size 10 pants were $1 and sold for $6.99


Caribbean Joe Green Cargo to Capri Size 14 pants were $1 and sold for $6.99


J. Jill Aqua Cropped Size 14 pants were $1 and sold for $6.99


North Face Size S shirt was $1 and sold for $5.99


Chico’s (always a sure fire sale) was $1 and sold for $6.99

So in a days work this $7 investment made me $41.00

The so SAD part (yes, I might be screaming) is that on the usual Wednesday visit to my new love, I am surprised to not see the usual sign on the door to greet me with my treasure hunt colors :(

The sign stated that all clothing was 50% off!

What? Wait, what happened to dollar day?

As I found a few items and made my way to the cashier, I noticed a calendar of upcoming sales and notice that every Wednesday is 50% off day? I politely asked the cashier if Wednesday was going to now be 50% off and she stated, “yes, the day of the dollar is now gone.” She said it such a way as to imply that it is like everything else good that comes to an end.

So now I see my profits being eaten away a little more with cost!

My Red Friends at the Salvation Army


Now have me a little sad and blue!

Sad Blue Face

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