Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Green Playdoh

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We needed some gifts for our play group’s St. Patrick’s party that we were going to.  I wanted for the children’s gift to be something that my 2 year old would love to help make.

After a little Pinterest inspiration, I decided that homemade green playdoh would be perfect for a bunch of little ones.


I knew I didn’t have time for a full rainbow, but the green playdoh would be a great way to make our first batch in the time frame we had.  I decided to use Meet the Dubiens' Kool-Aid Playdoh recipe. 

I figured completely edible, but might not taste so great. 

I was right!

I had everything in the pantry except some Kool-Aid.  So I picked up some Lemon Lime Kool-Aid mix.

Playdoh Kool-Aid

Follow the recipe just as I did here.

To package it cute for our party, I bought these cute little canisters for $0.99 at Michaels.



Then a little green shredded packing and cute ribbon to create the perfect little Green St. Patrick’s Day Playdoh.


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