Friday, July 30, 2010

Backyard – Part I

Summer brings more backyard time and oh how I love what we have done and where we are going.

First, I must warn you that my excitement is because everything we have is from working hard and fighting back from a bad contractor that not only took our money several years ago, but also made our yard a sad, sad mess.

The koi pond is doing great this year with the new addition of the bird net. Yes, I have to rescue a few birdies from time to time, but that darn Blue Heron is no longer has $100 meals of koi. :)


The water lillies are beautiful.

DSC04333 DSC04332

We had to do some improvements and cleaning out of the plants around the pond.


The hubby loves purple flowers. So beautiful delphinium and salvia were added!

DSC04205 DSC04204

A little sanding of the flagstone and fresh mulch make things look brand new each year or two.



The shed is beautiful and I will be doing a separate post about that as you can see I still need to paint.


One area left to finish, but we are off to a good start with the swing pergola built.


Stay tuned as I will no doubt do more posts about the progress, additions, and finishing touches that we continue to do with the backyard :)

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