Thursday, July 29, 2010

Best of eBay Week 3

Okay, so I took several (many) weeks off as the summer was starting because of family vacations and change of routine. But enough is enough and it is time to get back to what I love. Finding trash that someone will pay cash for. It still is unbelievable the quality items at the thrift store that can be resold.

Let’s take a look at some of the recent success on eBay.

J. Jill is not a brand that I was familiar with previously, but my bloggie friends at My Dear Trash have mentioned it many times. So why not try it? These 100% linen J. Jill tan capri pants size 12 were purchased for $3.99.

They were relisted a second week and sold for $8.99!


BCBG Max azaria is a similar story and after the success I heard others have had, I was thrilled to find this perfect condition shirt at the Goodwill that I visited in Colorado Springs. Yes, I love to visit thrift stores when I go somewhere else. So exciting to see what they have and how they are set up. I purchased this BCBG shirt for $4.99.

It sold the first week listed for $9.80!


Athletic wear was a first time venture for me these past few weeks and these orange Nike capri pants were purchased for $2.50 ($4.99 with 50% off).

They sold the second week listed for $8.99!


This teal North Face shirt was purchased for $1.75 ($3.49 with 50% off).

It sold the first week listed for $6.99!



Oh, for the love of Chico’s!!! This brand is one that always does well for me. I have found in the past that Chico’s pants size 2 (large) and 3 (x-large) have a following due to what I have heard is a great fit.

Well, this time I wondered if shirts would have the same success. The following four shirts are some of what I found and sold.

Collectively these four shirts cost me $7.75 and they all sold the first week listed collectively for $34.24!

Now here is the following that I am talking about.

I wasn’t going to pass these size 3 (x-large) Chico’s Platinum denim capri pants up even though they weren’t 50% off and I had to pay $5.99 for them.

They sold the second week listed for $20.50!


Can’t wait to find more Chico’s!

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