Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Little Wonders

I get up each day to read the “31 Days to a Better Dressed Nest” over at the Nesting Place. Some days she has had great tips and some days have been thought provoking inspiration. I especially like this post on Day 19. It is all about what is important and not always apologizing for what is good enough. The comments were great to read.

There was one post in particular by Sharon that resonated with me. She stated that she has a sign that says, “please excuse the mess and noise, the kids are making happy memories.”

WOW! I am going to have a sign like that soon.

Isn’t that what matters. I have a clean home that generally is in good order. By no means are we going to be part of a photo shoot, our home looks lived in on a daily basis. You know what I mean!

There is nothing more important than my family and the memories that we are able to make together. So what did I love most about the weekend?

Watching my little man have fun with his first tomato!

Tomato2 Tomato1

Tomato4 Tomato3

Make sure your making wonderful memories!

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