Monday, October 4, 2010

Thifting for Treasures

Could not wait to post all of my great finds. This week was an adventure as I made it to my first estate sale and it was great!

First, let me start with what the little one got as Mister always says that little man gets the most.


I love the little monkey pajamas.

We have recently been wondering if they make thermal underwear for little ones. We thought they might come in handy for the late season hunt this year.

To my surprise, (at the thrift store) there was the cutest pair of green thermals and a brown thermal Henley that would be perfect for layering!!!!

And last by oh no not least in this picture is another cute little pair for Merrell shoes. Mister and I both have a pair and I am sure that eventually little man will want some to be like daddy. We these are hardly worn, in great condition, and a fraction of the cost of a new pair at $2.99!!!


I also found a bell CLOCHE (squealing with excitement), an old LANTERN (been searching for you for the little man’s room), a cute wooden duck, a potpourri bag full of putka pods (or little pumpkins), a glass canister, and a cute “Give Thanks” sign with beaded garland. Love them all!

Have you ever heard of Once Upon a Child?

Love that place and I have to confess that there are several near me that I check out from time to time. Check out what I got below.


Four cute long sleeve onesies for the changing season.

(All are GAP and Old Navy!)


And two more cute little pajama sets.

(Old Navy)

If you haven’t heard of Once Upon a Child check it out here.

Finally, the ESTATE SALE! So excited for my first and definitely not last one. Look at all of my treasures.


Let’s take a little closer look at all the lovely loot.


Four vintage burlap sacks for $1.


A cute little yellow and white quilt for $5

Four vintage metal spiked flower frogs $1

And yes that it a little vintage ruler with all of the early Disney characters (probably wouldn’t have noticed, but the little man did and loved carrying it around).


Vintage packs of paper doilies, flour sacks, and cheesecloth.


A glass flower frog for $2. This will make a great present for my MIL from little man since she collects them.


A bag of old coins from different countries all from the 40’s and 50’s. This will make a great gift for my father from little man as he collects coins.


And on this side of the table… an old scrabble game with all the pieces, a bag full of vintage ribbons, two boxes of wooden thread spools, a small jar of buttons…

And some great old books… some with Christmas hymns, and German writing.


Some of it may not look like much, but just imagine all the crafting possibilities. I have ideas in mind for each thing and hope to share in the near future.

Happy Thrifting, Garaging, Salvaging or whatever is your true love!

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  1. You found some amazing things! I love that cloche, and those kids! Can I go with you on your next thrifting trip? :)


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