Thursday, October 7, 2010

Make it My Own

So many friends and bloggers have saved me so much money by showing me how to make it my own. I shop different now and wanted to share with you something that I am sure many of you already know.

  • Look past color
  • Look at shapes
  • Look at things you love, even if you see a flaw

I am sure there are more, but to keep it simple we will start with those. You will see some amazing transformations out in blogland. Don’t be afraid to try it even it starting small.

This is a small example.

We are a outdoors and hunting family and love all things about nature and the woods.

Take this little guy for example.


Looks a lot like a deer with a porcelain glazed top and rough bottom. I think he is cute, but not my style! He would be perfect for a shelf after a makeover.

Spray paint is the easiest way to transform an object.

See potential in the shape, but don’t like the color?

No problem.


If you don’t spray paint, you should :)

Happy Transformations!

1 comment:

  1. It is so hard for me to look past an object "as-is." But I'm trying! Great post.


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