Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Well, we knew when out little boy was on the way what the nursery theme was going to be. We are a hunting family and reading my husband’s mind (no matter what other cute themes I saw), I knew it was going to be CAMOUFLAGE!

So here are some nursery pictures.


Notice all the stuffed animals aren’t traditional.

I set out when planning to find all the forest animals I could find to fit with the theme and expose our son early to the things that we love. It was so much fun looking for them and then finding the elk, deer, squirrel, coyote, eagle, big horn ram, and black bear.

DSC03582 DSC03580

The nursery was pieced together with craigslist finds and frugal ideas to compliment our camouflage.

Craigslist finds:

Crib and Changing table/dresser was $400 (retails for $1200).

Pottery Barn style rocking chair $150 (similar retail for $500-$800)

Creative Frugal Ideas:

Wall name art

DSC03579 DSC03589

Items needed: Branch, coordinating ribbon, small pine cones, letters, paint, glue gun, and poster putty.

Shelf with Mason Jars


Items needed for shelf: Wood, router, brackets, liquid nails, drill, and screws.

Mason Jars Mason Jars2 Mason Jars3

Items needed for Mason Jars: old mason jars with lids; and various natural materials such as moss, pine cones, and pebbles.

Aren’t they cute?


  1. I love the branch holding his name and the stuff in the jars. Very creative!

  2. Where did you find the bedding set for the crib?

  3. I love the furniture colors. I have been looking for a crib the same exact color. Could you tell me the make of the crib? Thanks!


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