Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Copycat Treasured Cloche

Okay, so I have been surfing blogs for a while and checking out some parties and this idea quickly became a must for me to have.

Everyone was pairing up items to make cute cloches that made beautiful displays and my shelf was wanting one too!

So here is what I wanted…

from House of Hepworths

and this from Lemon Tree Creations

Wow! aren’t they beautiful?

I am finding my style more and more, but I believe that I am a ORB (oil rubbed bronze) girl mostly. However, I can’t help but stare at the heirloom white beauties. Maybe I will figure out how to have a few of those too.

Well for my desire to copycat these, I have my attempt below.

First find two objects at the thrift store that would work. This cheese dome and candle stick from the thrift store would work just fine for $2.50. I didn’t have enough patience for 50% off day!


Next I gathered my supplies


Then I cut the candle stick to size and shape desired.


Gorilla glue and the closest thing with weight to permanently join my candle stick and cheese dome into a cloche forever.

(The bowl is heavy, not that I think onions are LOL!)


Then some spray paint and you have this.

Final Cloche

What do you think? Beautiful!

Thanks to the sites above for the inspiration, restless nights, and ultimately great dreams come true.

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  1. That came out great! Welcome to the blog world. I can't wait to follow and see what you come up with.


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