Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thrifting for Treasures

Okay so yesterday I went to the mailbox and inspiration had arrived!


It was late and I had to get some sleep so that I could be up when the little one woke this morning, but falling asleep was difficult knowing that I wanted to sit and dig into the Pottery Barn catalogs.

If you don’t get them, go here and request them.

So this morning, I sat with my breakfast and pined over all the pretty things.

What then was I to do with myself except get in the car and head to the thrift stores.

Here is what I scored:

DSC03599 DSC03600

This basket is a huge 22 inches across filling the coffee table and looking so PB “like”. Not sure what I will do with it, but I like looking at it.


Then these goodies looked to PB “like” for me to pass on!

  1. The wire basket will eventually look great by the tub filled with rubber duckies.
  2. The three glass votives will make a shelf or mantle with sand and candle. Wonder how they would look with a number on them?
  3. The blue frame will get a makeover and new purpose.
  4. The small divided frame will be spruced up, but I think the shells are looking very PB “like”.
  5. The cute glass covered dish will also find a special place filled with something wonderful.


The cute cutting board will get a makeover and decorate the kitchen. Oh, the things I can do with the wood candle holder, like this. You can never have too many! The soap dish is cute and needed.

Then the two larger bowls….

I admittedly am not a china collector or expert, but decided to surf the marking on the bottom.

(You know it said England , maybe that’s important?)

China Marking

What I found the butter dish on an antique site for $95

Are you kidding?

Maybe this is worth more than the $1.99 that I spent.

To be on the safe side, I may go back tomorrow to round up the rest!

If you know anything about china or anyone who does, let me know.


Seriously if I were the pee you pants kind of girl, I would have when I found this spice set.

Of course they weren’t together, but I found them both. The bottom shelf was broken, so I asked if they would discount it. Yep, they gave it to me for $2.

It is tongue and groove and slips together well, so a little Gorilla glue should do the trick.

I have great plans for this if you want a sneak peak, check out what I plan to copycat that Remodelaholic did.

Of course the other item is four spindle legs for $3.99. No ideas yet, but it will come.


Now there is some money to be made here.

  • Tan capri Chico’s pants
  • Navy Lauren skirt
  • Pink Tommy Hilfiger capri pants

These are all larger sizes and will resale on Ebay well.

I will do a post on that later, but I currently have 38 items listed and am making a NICE profit. These items will have to wait till posting time next week.

Of course the baby clothes are great and today the little one got REI blue swimsuit and the cute camouflage set!

The eagle picture is a real photo with a signature. I don’t think it is valuable, but it sure is beautiful. Don’t know what I will do with it, but my dad loves eagles and the little could always use it in the cute camouflage nursery.

Ahh! It was a great day and certainly “a piece of the better life.”

Then as if nature was smiling on me and my great finds, I was blessed with a rainbow and the beautiful cherry tree blossoms.

Rainbow Blossoms

How was your day?

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