Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Storage for Mad Coupon Skills Needed

I have been honing my coupon skills and learning to shop for what we use when it is on sale and paired with coupons for the greatest savings. This means that I need space for the quantity I purchase until the savings opportunity comes around again. This doesn’t mean buying in bulk, but buying what you need.

If you want to learn more about coupon savings and how to get more for less, check out two of my favorite sites, Hip2Save and Southern Savers.

So on to the project at hand, the pantry or lack of….

We have a great large cabinet that is used as a pantry for the items that are currently in use, but I quickly needed a place to store items also. The “trash closet” seemed to have too much wasted space.


Aren’t the BEFORE pictures the worst?

It was a coat closet in the kitchen off of the laundry room that had two high shelfs and a hanging rod.

Well that wasn’t going to do, so we turned it into this with a few more wood shelfs, wire shelfs, and a new trash can.


Getting better, the new wood shelves were so easy.

1x2 supports on the sides and back of pantry with the shelf on top.

Screws and paint, done!


And now there is this beautiful stocked pantry in my kitchen that we shop from when we need more of something.


I am happy now that I know how to save on groceries and have a place for them.

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