Sunday, April 25, 2010

Little Monogram

I love this little “M.” Isn’t it so cute?


I wanted something small and sweet to go with the plentiful pictures of my little one. I thought that his first initial would be perfect. Now which came first the egg or the chicken? Well, in this case the cute little frame came first and then the idea.

I had two little 3.5x5 frames from the dollar store. This size is perfect since many of the studio pictures we have taken of him are 3.5x5. It seems that you usually see more 4x6 frames in the stores. Dollar store frames made over to be mine, are just perfect for me! Especially since I am now a thrift store frame snob. I can’t imagine paying more than $1 for a frame now (people get rid of such great stuff?)

The little frame came from the thrift store for $0.69. It is one of those tiny frames that can be used for seating assignments at a wedding.

The candle stick was another thrift store find. See what I did with it here.


Of course everything will get a coat of Krylon Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint.

The little “M” was super easy.

  1. Paint the frame.
  2. Cut two types of coordinating scrapbook paper to size desired.
  3. Apply cute scrapbook sticker letter.
  4. ENJOY!


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