Thursday, February 10, 2011

Simple Marshmallow Pops

I love making little sweets for holidays. So for Valentine’s Day, I started with these marshmallow lollipops.

Well I should have said that I love dipping little sweets for the holidays.

Chocolate Marshmallow Valentine Pop0

Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Marshmallow Pop

(all decked out in cute little hearts and pink ribbon)

Caramel Pecan Marshmallow Pop0

Caramel Pecan Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Marshmallow Pop!

So easy….and everyone always appreciates a cute sweet treat.

I tried melting chocolate chips for dipping and have to say that I much prefer the chocolate wafers that you can find at the craft store. They are so much easier and less finicky.

Chocolate Marshmallow Valentine Pop01

So if you need something quick, simple, and easy to do get creative. I used chocolate vanilla swirl marshmallow, but there are so many flavors now like strawberry, regular, toasted coconut, and vanilla. You can dip in so many different things like caramel, butterscotch, chocolate, white chocolate, and the many different color chocolate wafers. Finally, sprinkle colored sugar, confetti, decorations, nuts, or coconut! The possibilities are endless!

Cake pops or brownie pops next, hmmm?

I’m partying:

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