Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sweet Valentine Treats

Recently, Marisa at Make Happy posted these little beauties.


She made them out of cute cupcake liners and gave a great tutorial here.

Then, I saw this in my Scrapbooks Etc. magazine.

mag picture

So….I had to have some too.

If you can thread, crumple, and fluff you can do this!

{Before we get too far, please excuse any picture imperfections as my camera died and the following pictures were taken with my phone.}

Dum-Dum pops are great!


I decided to use tissue paper and my handy large scalloped punch. This step is easiest if you punch about 10 layers of tissue paper at a time.

Scalloped tissue

Then take 20 layers of scalloped tissue paper in the color pattern that you want your flower to be and punch a hole in the center. I chose several options as you will see below. Thread the layers on to your lollipop, crumpling each tissue layer around the lollipop as you go. Finally tie a piece of green curly ribbon after the last tissue layer. Now with your crumpled tissue paper, gently fluff out your flower to the appearance you desire.


This cute little flower could be used for many occasions such as party favors, decorations, Easter, weddings. But since mine are for Valentine’s Day, I needed a cute little tag. I printed “be my valentine” in the snap ITC font that can be found in a standard word document. Then I cut a free hand leaf shape out around the words leaving one end or tail slightly longer for wrapping around the lollipop.


Then I had to go PINK!

{FYI…these single color flowers are made with 10 layers}



Finally a little fun with some PURPLE thrown in.



Cute, ey?

I’m partying, come check it out:

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  1. They're so fluffy!! Love the fluff. Beautiful!

  2. Very beautiful. That can be given to anyone. My Mom would appreciate that, I think. Thanks for showing us how. Linda

  3. They look too pretty to eat. They're so perfect. You should come & link up with *Fun for Kids Friday*


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